Friday, 9 September 2016

B-13: SAPLING unknown

Name: unknown
Location:  left of right gate, 5 Berlie St, Evelyn Villa
Status:  Alive - has begun flowering

Notes:  BBMP "contractor" had planted a silver oak sapling in June but this sapling is directly under electric lines. Replaced with Calliandra haematocephala, Powder Puff Tree in July 2016. Looks like that must have died as there is now a different sapling there.

B-12: SAPLING Millettia pinnata

Name:  Pongam Oil Tree - honge
Location:  5 Berlie St

1. 2x2 border
2. compost (added dead leaves as mulch in 1st week Sept)

B-11: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  Right of left gate, "Evelyn Villa" #5 Berlie St

Action: check, add pic

B-10: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  between #4 An Najm and #4/2 Dar ul Aman

Action: add pic and check 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

B-9a: SAPLING Thespesia populnea (KILLED)

Name:  Portia Tree / huvarasi
Location:  4/1 Berlie St "The Regency"

Status: planted 16/6/16. Killed 17/6/16.

Vandalised the following day - sapling and tree guard ripped and thrown on opposite side of road. Sapling could not be saved. Resident's car was parked over spot. Spoke to tenant who assured me that sapling was there the night before. Spoke to owner who is a tree lover. No clue who did this, but must assume one of them did, as no other motive to remove except for parking space.

1. Do not replace sapling.
2. Always ensure that residents aren't vandals BEFORE planting a sapling for them. (Haste makes waste! Which is why I will not plant more saplings until proper planning is done).

Monday, 15 August 2016

O-23: SAPLING calliandra?

Name:  Calliandra / Powderpuff Tree?
Location: #? Olleff/Berlie? (Thambre site, right of entrance)
Water:  Nazu
Notes:  Neem sapling of 6/16 died. Replaced with this.

1. 2x2 border needed
2. VANDALISM: Trash to be cleared
3. Pix needed (one across road with tree in centre, one close-up leaves)
4. What is street no? Is it Olleff or Berlie?
5. Reconfirm powderpuff or bottlebrush?
6. Compost/mulch

O-21: ?

Name:  Unknown - young tree 5+?
Location:  Edge of Thambre site, Olleff Rd
Status:  blocked by construction materials

1. Identify species
2. Clear 2x2 space (esp cement)

O-20: bauhinia

Name:  Bauhinia / basavanapada / Orchid Tree
Location:  Outside newly constructed flats on corner of Olleff/Moy
Status:  has been horribly hacked but surviving.

1. Trim sucker shoots
2. Create 2x2 border
3. Compost/mulch

O-19: Java cassia

Name: Java cassia
Location:  end of Sterling Place, #? Moyenville Rd

1. Remove cables.
2. Trim lower straggly shoots.

O-18: ?

Name: ? Red flowered shrub planted by Muralidhars
Location: left of Sterling Place entrance
Status:  age? growing well, shrubby, flowering July, Aug

Action:  find out if they want to "tree" it or leave it shrublike

O-17: unknown

Name: ?
Location:  Olleff Rd, centre of Sterling Place (left of red flowering shrub)

Action:  Vandalism - remove internet cables and two Little Kingdom signs.

Status: In good condition but IN DANGER OF BEING CUT DOWN by local residents who are afraid of branches falling.  Should ask Forest Office about possible pruning of any lengthy branches that might pose a risk in future.

If you see this tree being cut down, ask to see a signed permission from the Forest Office. Also call me immediately, and the media :-)

O-17 trunk

O-17 base from left
O-17 trunk and canopy

O-17 canopy top
O-17 base from right

O-16: unknown

Name:  unknown, tall tree
Location: Olleff Rd, Sterling Place, centre (left of red flower shrub)

Action:  Vandalism - remove signs from Glorious Kids and Vinayaka Electricals.

13/7/16:  The fallen branch was removed by BBMP Forest Cell workers. Note:  this tree, although healthy, may be IN DANGER OF BEING CHOPPED DOWN by local residents who are worried that more branches would fall and damage property/human life. It does not need chopping down for this, but could do with some pruning (crown reduction), we can see if the Forest Cell would be willing to prune some of the lengthier branches to lessen the likelihood of branches breaking off in the future.

If you see this tree being cut down, ask to see signed permission from the Forest Office. Also, call me immediately! And the media :-)

10/7/16: Large branch of this tree broke off and has not fallen, but got entangled in tiles and railing of a rooftop on Sterling Place. If it falls, will do a lot of damage:
Broken branch caught on roof
Point where branch broke

O-15: ?

Location: end of Sterling Place near Britto

Action: Vandalised! Remove Little Kingdom sign.

O-14: ?

Location: end of Brittos

Action:  Vandalised. Remove internet cables and signs nailed by Glorious Kids School and Little Kingdom Play School.

O-13: ?

Location: top of road (right side) outside Britto house

Action:  remove cables and signs.

O-12: ?

Location: #4 Olleff Rd, outside gate

O-11: ?

Name:  ? tall tree, compound pinnate leaves (O-11 to 17 are all the same species)
Location:  Phils Den end
Notes:  may be about 15 years old?

Action:  Remove nails and signs from Glorious and Little Kingdom preschools. Write and inform principals not to repeat!

O-10: SAPLING tabebuia rosea

Name:  Tabebuia rosea / tecoma? / pink trumpet tree?
Location:  Phils Den (end)
Notes: planted 4/7/16 (extra sapling donated by KP Setlur)

Action:  border?

O-9: SAPLING neem

Name:  neem / Azadirachta indica
Location:  Phils Den, centre
Notes: Planted 4/7/16. Pit has dry leaf mulch
Water: ?

Action:  Border?

O-8: SAPLING calliandra

Name:  calliandra
Location:  outside Phils Den, leftish
Status:  planted 4/7/16. Pit filled with dry leaf mulch.

Action: needs 2x2 border.

O-7: SAPLING Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Name:  Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Location:  Olleff/Moyenville corner, Phils Den
Water: Muralidhar?
Notes: planted 4/7/16. Pit filled with dried leaves, no need for compost just now.

1. 2x2 border needed
2. VANDALISM - trash thrown by people loafing on corner
3. Talk to Sterling Place security and ask them to keep an eye out re trash
4. Confirm M water.

O-6: ?

Name: ? (same as O-4) owner called it a rainforest tree ..
Location:  3? Olleff Rd, right of main gate

1. Identify
2. VANDALISM - Cables to be removed!

O-5: Millettia pinnata

Name: Indian Beech - Pongam Oil Tree - honge -
Location:  3 Olleff Rd?, left of main gate

1. Confirm species

O-4: ?

Location: 3? Olleff Rd, centre

Notes:  compound pinnate leaf same as O-6

1. Identify
2. Confirm street no.

O-3: Bauhinia purpurea

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location: #3? Olleff Rd (corner house)
Status:  Blooming well August 2016

Action:  Remove sucker shoots.

O-2: SAPLING Magnolia champaca

Name: aka Michelia champaka) - sampige - champak - ylang ylang
Location:  2 Olleff Rd
Water:  Thambre

Notes: Replaced honge sapling on 4/7/16 as is clear overhead and can have a larger tree.Donated by Berlie St resident.

1. VANDALISM - construction debris to be removed
2. 2x2 border needed
3.  Add compost/mulch.
4. Pic needed.

Blog post about sampige by Shantha

Wikipedia info on Magnolia champaca

O-1: SAPLING Azadirachta indica

Name:  margosa / bewu / neem
Location:  2 Olleff Rd (corner)
Status:  original neem planted 6/16 died and was replaced 7/16.
Water:  Nazu

1. VANDALISM - Repair brick border.
2. Add compost/mulch
3. VANDALISM - remove trash.

O-1 neem

Friday, 15 July 2016

B-65: Tabebuia argentea

 Name:  Tabebuia argentea - tecoma (Kannada)
Location: 31 Berlie St, "Cauvery" left end

Status:  Leaning rather drastically into the road, needs trimming to reduce weight over the road. There is also a dead tecoma next to it that can be removed.

B-55 (behind right front wheel of black jeep)

EC-8: SAPLING huvarasi

Name:  Thespesia populnea - Portia Tree - huvarasi (Kannada)
Location: 8/1 Eagle St Cross, Reshma building, left of entrance


15/7/16:  Cleared trash and added soil/compost.

13/7/16:  Placed brick border.

16/6/16:  planted.

EC-7: SAPLING honge

Name:  Millettia Pinnata - Indian Beech, Pongam Oil Tree - honge (Kannada), karanj (Hindi), pungai (Tamil)
Location: 8/1 Eagle St Cross, "Reshma" bldg, centre.
Volunteer:  Mr Balu (ACT staff)


15/7/16: Cleared trash (people! Why???) and added soil/compost.

13/7/16:  Placed brick border.

16/6/16:  Planted.

EC-6: SAPLING neyrale

Name:        Syzygium cumini - Java Plum - neyrale (Kannada) - jamun (Hindi)
Info:           Evergreen tropical tree, native to Indian sub-continent
Location:   8B Eagle St Cross, outside "Mehboob Manzil", right of entrance
Volunteer:  Mr Balu (ACT staff at 8/1)

16/6/16 - Sapling planted, with tree guard.
13/7/16 - Brick border added.
15/7/16 - soil and compost added.

Action:  none at present.

Photo NT 15/7/16
Close-up leaf / Photo NT 15/7/16

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

ABOUT: Bauhinia - The Orchid Tree

Bauhinia - in Kannada known as deva kanchan or basavana pada (buffalo foot) and you can see why, from the shape of its leaves. In Hindi, it's kachnar. In English, it is sometimes called the Camel Foot tree, or Butterfly Tree, or Mountain Ebony. And of course, because of its extraordinarily beautiful flowers, it's also known as the Orchid Tree.

We have quite a few Bauhinias here in Langford Town, and in Richmond Town too. Sadly for them, they have been planted below electric lines, and are annually subjected to what the KEB likes to call "tree trimming".

This picture is actually not the work of the KEB, but of some misguided "gardener". Unfortunately, the KEB does an equally monstrous job of hacking and ripping branches, and there are tons of similarly mutilated bauhinias in my neighbourhood. They survive .. somehow, in India, almost everything does, doesn't it? But I'm hoping that in future, we'll be able to trim and prune properly in a way that neither human safety nor tree health is compromised.

I'm not entirely sure if the trees we have here are x blakeana or purpurea. I think the latter .. will confirm one day!

Here's a link to an interesting page about the Orchid Tree.

Project Vruksha has some lovely photos and information.

Monday, 27 June 2016

B-9: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid tree - basavana pada
Location: 3 Berlie St, "Amber", outside security kiosk

1. Trim heavier side at some point to restore balance.


15/7/16: have made peace with them, after explaining how the tree was damaged and unbalanced after cutting this way. They are now also taking good care of two saplings planting outside their place last month. All's well that ends well. Note:  the heavier side of this tree will need proper pruning at some point in the future, but it's not urgent.

26/6/16:  afternoon/evening - badly hacked by gardener Babu on Sunday 26/6/16 on orders from resident/mgrSalma? Large branches were unnecessarily removed (no electric lines in way) and removal was ripping, not proper cuts. Tree is now heavily imbalanced with almost entire weight over road. Earlier that morning NT had trimmed very low hanging branches over road, and resident has presumably taken this as an invitation to rape the tree, although had specifically told both resident and security not to touch the tree, that I would come and trim as necessary in the proper manner. Even I do not have authority to make the huge cuts that they have made .. minor trimming of branches under 2 inches diameter is permitted, but anything more requires written approval from the Forest Cell/Forest Office, which I doubt they had. Other residents I spoke to tried to say that the KEB and Corporation had come to cut the branches. On Sunday??? Yeah, right. Plus, the KEB had already finished cutting necessary branches that were a risk to electric lines on Berlie St over a week ago. They obviously did not see the need to cut this one.

27 June a.m. after vandalism
done by resident/gardener

Close up of hacked branches.
Notice no utility lines.

Adding insult to injury - hacked branches
 and leaves thrown on footpath
and not even their own footpath -
across the road, outside a neighbour's house!

 26/6/16: Did some minor trimming of this tree where the low-hanging leaves were brushing the helmets of passers-by!

26 June a.m. after light trimming of
low hanging branches, right side view
26 June a.m. after light trimming of
low hanging branches, front view

26 June a.m. after light trimming
 of low branches, left side view.

22/6/16: lower branches need trimming
22 June 2016 - lower hanging branches need
minor trimming as passing cars touch

B-8: SAPLING Azadirachta indica

Name: Margosa - neem - bewu (Kannada)
Location: 3 Berlie St, "Amber" centre, left of entrance
Water: Kamal (security guard)

As of 31-3-18 - Died from neglect.

16/6/16:  Sapling planted.

1. 2x2 border needed
2. Clear debris
3. VANDALISM - trash

B-7: SAPLING Thespesia populnea

Name:  Portia Tree - huvarasi (Kannada)
Location: 3 Berlie St, "Amber", left end
Water: Kamal (Amber security)

As f 31-3-18 - DIED FROM NEGLECT. Spot has reverted to parking space.

8-16 - Looked dead early August. As of 1st week Sept, growing again. Added compost.
15/7/16: Need to clear rubble, place brick border.
16/6/16:  planted.

1. Clear rubble
2. Place 2x2 border.

B-6: SAPLING Bignonia megapotamica

Name:  aka Vitex megapotamica - Chasteberry Tree -
Location:  2 Berlie St, "Gallery Skye", centre
Water:  Gallery

Status:  As of 31-3-18 - died/removed. Did well until mid 2017.

Planted 4/7/16

1. 2x2 border
2. Add pix.

B-5: Bauhinia

Name: Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  2 Berlie St, "Gallery Skye"

1. Remove suckers.

B-4: Bauhinia purpurea

Name: Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  17 Eagle St (Berlie side) left of gate
Status: few deep pink flowers August

1. check for vandalism (cables, signs)
2. Trim low straggly stems

B-3: SAPLING Thespesia populnea

Name:  Portia Tree - huvarasi
Location: 17 Eagle St (Berlie side) right of entrance
Water:  Viresh (17 Security)

As of 31-3-18 - died/removed

1. 2x2 border
2. Compost/mulch

B-2: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada .
Location:  17 Eagle St (Berlie side) left of entrance
Status: has been badly hacked by KEB. As of mid August, few leaves.

1. Remove suckers (done  1st week Sep 16)
2. Trim dead twigs. (done Sep 16)
3. Check base if liquid fertiliser can be added.
4. Some taller dead branches can be removed if I can get a stepladder and some help.

B-1: SAPLING Azadirachta indica

Name: margosa - bewu (Kannada) - neem (Hindi)
Location: 17 Eagle St, corner site, on Berlie St side
Water:  Viresh (security)

Status:  As of 31-3-18:  died.

16/6/16 - Huvarasi sapling planted. Died and replaced with neem 4/7/16.

1. Clear debris around base
2. 2x2 border needed to protect from parking cars.
3. Compost/mulch

pic to add

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Large/tall trees

Random notes .. will sort and update as and when I can.

Gulmohar - Delonix regia


African Tulip

(none of the above suitable in small spaces, streets, under electric lines)

Copper Pod


(All of the above are common "older trees" of Bangalore .. not indigenous but have adapted and thrived)

Neem - 10-20 metres tall - avoid under electric lines


Kadamba - not good for small spaces

black bean tree - castanospermum australe - has strong root system - good near water bodies, bad near walls.

Small trees

Random notes .. will update as and when.

Bilimbi - 4 - 7 m
Custard apple tree - Annona .. squamosa? - shallow rooted, slow growing, 3-6 m tall
Erythrina suberosa - ?
Star fruit tree - Averrhoa carambola L. 4-6 m tall, needs sun
Singapore cherry - gasagase - good under electric lines. 7-12 m tall, thrives in poor soil, able to tolerate drought. Fast growing .. will be 3 m in 2 years.

honge - midsized .. slow grower .. deep roots

E-38 (kadubadami)

Name:  kadubadami - Terminalia catappa - Indian Almond tree - badam
Location:  Outside #16? Eagle St, Hiremath house old villa
Condition:  Year planted?
Action:  None urgent
Later:   can remove sucker shoots and place border, consider removing the small sapling E-37 next to it .. very close. Can trim dead branches and crossovers.

E-37 (neyrale)


E36 - neyrale

NAME:  Syzygium cumini - Java Plum - Neyrale (Kannada) - Jamun (Hindi)

E-35 (akash mallige)




sapling growing on drain edge

E-33 (