Tuesday, 16 August 2016

B-9a: SAPLING Thespesia populnea (KILLED)

Name:  Portia Tree / huvarasi
Location:  4/1 Berlie St "The Regency"

Status: planted 16/6/16. Killed 17/6/16.

Vandalised the following day - sapling and tree guard ripped and thrown on opposite side of road. Sapling could not be saved. Resident's car was parked over spot. Spoke to tenant who assured me that sapling was there the night before. Spoke to owner who is a tree lover. No clue who did this, but must assume one of them did, as no other motive to remove except for parking space.

1. Do not replace sapling.
2. Always ensure that residents aren't vandals BEFORE planting a sapling for them. (Haste makes waste! Which is why I will not plant more saplings until proper planning is done).

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