Monday, 27 June 2016

B-9: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid tree - basavana pada
Location: 3 Berlie St, "Amber", outside security kiosk

1. Trim heavier side at some point to restore balance.


15/7/16: have made peace with them, after explaining how the tree was damaged and unbalanced after cutting this way. They are now also taking good care of two saplings planting outside their place last month. All's well that ends well. Note:  the heavier side of this tree will need proper pruning at some point in the future, but it's not urgent.

26/6/16:  afternoon/evening - badly hacked by gardener Babu on Sunday 26/6/16 on orders from resident/mgrSalma? Large branches were unnecessarily removed (no electric lines in way) and removal was ripping, not proper cuts. Tree is now heavily imbalanced with almost entire weight over road. Earlier that morning NT had trimmed very low hanging branches over road, and resident has presumably taken this as an invitation to rape the tree, although had specifically told both resident and security not to touch the tree, that I would come and trim as necessary in the proper manner. Even I do not have authority to make the huge cuts that they have made .. minor trimming of branches under 2 inches diameter is permitted, but anything more requires written approval from the Forest Cell/Forest Office, which I doubt they had. Other residents I spoke to tried to say that the KEB and Corporation had come to cut the branches. On Sunday??? Yeah, right. Plus, the KEB had already finished cutting necessary branches that were a risk to electric lines on Berlie St over a week ago. They obviously did not see the need to cut this one.

27 June a.m. after vandalism
done by resident/gardener

Close up of hacked branches.
Notice no utility lines.

Adding insult to injury - hacked branches
 and leaves thrown on footpath
and not even their own footpath -
across the road, outside a neighbour's house!

 26/6/16: Did some minor trimming of this tree where the low-hanging leaves were brushing the helmets of passers-by!

26 June a.m. after light trimming of
low hanging branches, right side view
26 June a.m. after light trimming of
low hanging branches, front view

26 June a.m. after light trimming
 of low branches, left side view.

22/6/16: lower branches need trimming
22 June 2016 - lower hanging branches need
minor trimming as passing cars touch

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