Monday, 15 August 2016

O-16: unknown

Name:  unknown, tall tree
Location: Olleff Rd, Sterling Place, centre (left of red flower shrub)

Action:  Vandalism - remove signs from Glorious Kids and Vinayaka Electricals.

13/7/16:  The fallen branch was removed by BBMP Forest Cell workers. Note:  this tree, although healthy, may be IN DANGER OF BEING CHOPPED DOWN by local residents who are worried that more branches would fall and damage property/human life. It does not need chopping down for this, but could do with some pruning (crown reduction), we can see if the Forest Cell would be willing to prune some of the lengthier branches to lessen the likelihood of branches breaking off in the future.

If you see this tree being cut down, ask to see signed permission from the Forest Office. Also, call me immediately! And the media :-)

10/7/16: Large branch of this tree broke off and has not fallen, but got entangled in tiles and railing of a rooftop on Sterling Place. If it falls, will do a lot of damage:
Broken branch caught on roof
Point where branch broke

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