Tuesday, 3 April 2018

O-22: SAPLING caesalpinia

Name:       Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Location:  Olleff  Rd (centre, Thambre site)
Water:      Thambre? Nazu?
Status:      Alive and doing ok

O-22 on 1 April 2018
April 2018 - Pruned to keep height down from electric pole, and to shape tree; added mulch from trimmings. Need to add compost soon. Nice strong single centred trunk. Crossover branches removed.

Taken on 19 July 2017
Aug 2017 - has been pruned once, compost added, and is growing well, and flowering, in spite of construction debris from Thambre renovation.

1. 2x2 border was made but construction debris broke it.
2. VANDALISM: Clear trash.(Was cleared by Thambres)

July 2016 - Planted on 4th (replaced silver oak sapling of 6/16 as this tree will grow under electric wires).

Friday, 9 September 2016

B-13: SAPLING unknown

Name: unknown
Location:  left of right gate, 5 Berlie St, Evelyn Villa
Status:  Alive - has begun flowering

Notes:  BBMP "contractor" had planted a silver oak sapling in June but this sapling is directly under electric lines. Replaced with Calliandra haematocephala, Powder Puff Tree in July 2016. Looks like that must have died as there is now a different sapling there.

B-12: SAPLING Millettia pinnata

Name:  Pongam Oil Tree - honge
Location:  5 Berlie St

1. 2x2 border
2. compost (added dead leaves as mulch in 1st week Sept)

B-11: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  Right of left gate, "Evelyn Villa" #5 Berlie St

Action: check, add pic

B-10: Bauhinia

Name:  Orchid Tree - basavana pada
Location:  between #4 An Najm and #4/2 Dar ul Aman

Action: add pic and check 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

B-9a: SAPLING Thespesia populnea (KILLED)

Name:  Portia Tree / huvarasi
Location:  4/1 Berlie St "The Regency"

Status: planted 16/6/16. Killed 17/6/16.

Vandalised the following day - sapling and tree guard ripped and thrown on opposite side of road. Sapling could not be saved. Resident's car was parked over spot. Spoke to tenant who assured me that sapling was there the night before. Spoke to owner who is a tree lover. No clue who did this, but must assume one of them did, as no other motive to remove except for parking space.

1. Do not replace sapling.
2. Always ensure that residents aren't vandals BEFORE planting a sapling for them. (Haste makes waste! Which is why I will not plant more saplings until proper planning is done).

Monday, 15 August 2016

O-23: SAPLING calliandra?

Name:  Calliandra / Powderpuff Tree?
Location: #? Olleff/Berlie? (Thambre site, right of entrance)
Water:  Nazu
Notes:  Neem sapling of 6/16 died. Replaced with this.

1. 2x2 border needed
2. VANDALISM: Trash to be cleared
3. Pix needed (one across road with tree in centre, one close-up leaves)
4. What is street no? Is it Olleff or Berlie?
5. Reconfirm powderpuff or bottlebrush?
6. Compost/mulch

O-21: ?

Name:  Unknown - young tree 5+?
Location:  Edge of Thambre site, Olleff Rd
Status:  blocked by construction materials

1. Identify species
2. Clear 2x2 space (esp cement)

O-20: bauhinia

Name:  Bauhinia / basavanapada / Orchid Tree
Location:  Outside newly constructed flats on corner of Olleff/Moy
Status:  has been horribly hacked but surviving.

1. Trim sucker shoots
2. Create 2x2 border
3. Compost/mulch

O-19: Java cassia

Name: Java cassia
Location:  end of Sterling Place, #? Moyenville Rd

1. Remove cables.
2. Trim lower straggly shoots.