Monday, 20 June 2016

Berlie Cross list of saplings

Note: Berlie St Cross is not part of Langford Town according to Voters List map

About 8 undersized pits dug by contractor .. All outside BBMP High School .. Too close together

Also about 60 plots dug in BBMP SPORTS FIELD .. Again .. Undersized and in zig zag manner .. Should be straight line with proper spacing.

To be dealt with after roadside planting is complete.

Fruit trees and tall trees like mahogany silver oak nerale can be planted here.

Berlie Cross offshoot streets eg 1st cross and alphabet streets to be looked at after the bigger roads completed.

Need to ensure volunteers from residents, school kids, local youth, for watering .. Or BBMP will have to provide tanker if these streets have water problems.

N Street does not need any new trees, already very shady.
Other streets are bare and exposed to sun. But also very narrow. Smaller trees MAYBE .. Caesalpinia? Shrub that can be trained into tree with trimming.

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