Tuesday, 3 April 2018

O-22: SAPLING caesalpinia

Name:       Caesalpinia pulcherrima
Location:  Olleff  Rd (centre, Thambre site)
Water:      Thambre? Nazu?
Status:      Alive and doing ok

O-22 on 1 April 2018
April 2018 - Pruned to keep height down from electric pole, and to shape tree; added mulch from trimmings. Need to add compost soon. Nice strong single centred trunk. Crossover branches removed.

Taken on 19 July 2017
Aug 2017 - has been pruned once, compost added, and is growing well, and flowering, in spite of construction debris from Thambre renovation.

1. 2x2 border was made but construction debris broke it.
2. VANDALISM: Clear trash.(Was cleared by Thambres)

July 2016 - Planted on 4th (replaced silver oak sapling of 6/16 as this tree will grow under electric wires).

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